anita strasser





a season in the Prague dance theatre 2003/04

a season in the Latvian dance scene 2004/05

I like to be behind the camera, behind the curtains, behind the stage. I like to know how things are put together, the backgrounds of  people and their ideas, how people work and communicate, what their motivation and inspiration is. I meet them and ask them questions; I try to understand the essence of a piece. I’m not interested in the mere freezing of a movement, it’s a meaningless image. Then I watch the dancers, observing the encapsulation of the concept through movement, and finally capture a moment that speaks of my interpretation of the whole process. The image tells a whole story of a personal experience. For viewers it might become an image that they see as a representation of a piece. A short, frozen moment they might not even notice during the performance. A moment that makes me remember a whole sequence of events.