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CW is a multi-media art project by UK artist Adam Ramejkis. The idea is based on the game Chinese Whispers, where one person whispers something to the person sitting next to them, and this continues from person to person throughout a chain until the last person says out loud what they have heard. Adam recreated this process by involving international artists of different fields, and allowing each artist to interpret the preceding piece of art with their own artwork. It’s about people’s comprehension and using their imagination to interpret the message according to their own perception. For more information, click here.

Part one was developed in Latvia, and presented as a multi-media dance performance in Jaunais Rigas Teatris in Riga, Latvia in 2006, and later exhibited in Kirkby Gallery, Merseyside. I was asked to co-organise the project, and to document the various stages of the development process of the choreography with my camera. I also photographed the premiere where all artists and spectators were allowed to see all parts of CW for the first time. Please see images above.

Part two was a continuation of part one with its audience interpretations as starting point. It was developed in Slovenia and Portugal, and presented in MGLC – International centre of graphic arts, in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 2009. This time, I was invited to be one of the participating artists, and I had to interpret a story with one single image (click here).

Being part of this project was a very challenging and fulfilling time for me. It was unique in the way that artists were given very little limitation in their creative processes, which gave them the chance to create solely according to their own understanding and interpretation. It was also exciting to meet, and work with, international artists of very different fields, and to witness the development of the project.