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'And Again About The Same, Part I' is a contemporary dance piece from 'Olga Zitluhina Dance Company', with music from two members of the Latvian rock band Dzelzs Vilks. It was choreographed by Olga Zitluhina, founder of the Department of Contemporary Dance in the Latvian Culture Academy, and Fiona Millward, a specialist in the field of 'synthesis of voice and movement'. In order to develop theoretical material for the still young department, and contemporary dance in Latvia, a theatre research project was carried out during the 'Days of Contemporary  Dance 2005' in Riga, Latvia. Three theatre researchers including a  Feldenkrais specialist, who influenced the choreography with respect to the Feldenkrais technique, documented the developing process of the piece with notes on the influence of 'time' and 'space'. The process consisted of taking notes in rehearsals, set up moments, work in progress performances and the premiere.  Additionally, ideas and notes of dance students and people involved in dance were encouraged, analysed and considered in final notes.

To support and encourage the collaboration between specialists of different fields, I was invited to photograph and document the development of  this project, focusing on my personal views as a photographer. In my previous experience in  collaborating with Tanec Praha, the Prague Contemporary Dance organisation, I realised that personal communication with the participants, together with an understanding of what the choreography is about, influences my approach to documenting performances. Knowing the people who are involved, learning about their backgrounds and experiences, ideas and reasons, inspires a very different way of photographing. Feelings, relationships, memories, etc. are reflected in the images and demonstrate this experience of communication.
This research project gave me a greater insight into dance itself, revealing to me the many small influences (time, space, music, etc) which make a complete piece. Through my presence at all stages of the project I became a part of it, developed my own relationships with all participants and with the piece itself. I believe that this experience is reflected in my images.

This project was supported by the Latvian Culture Capital Fund (VKKF) and the photographs, together with theoretical notes, were exhibited in the Latvian Music academy in Riga in June 2005.